Accidental Deliciousness started as an email exchange between friends about three summers ago now. . . I was living alone in Montreal, where, fortunately, they are very, very into their local foods.  The markets burst with produce in the summer, with a proud little fleur-de-lis image affixed to anything from Quebec. . . including the first ground cherries I’d ever encountered.  They’re also called husk cherries–they look like tomatillos, but they are sweet and oh so delicious, and a really, really big deal in Quebec.  I tried them, and loved them, and then tried making ground cherry salad: something like ground cherries, avocados, and cucumbers, with a cumin-flax oil-cider vinegar dressing and some sunflower seeds.  I was so inspired by its fresh deliciousness, and alas, no one to share my excitement, or my salad, with.  So I emailed my culinary friends, those with whom I used to share actual meals, back in the Boston days, and I titled my email “Accidental Deliciousness.”   From then on, whenever we were just so pleased with ourselves for our culinary concoctions, we shared our recipes.   Usually, they are drawn from our heads, based on what we needed to use in the fridge (especially the summer I had a farm share all to myself, leading to things liked radish greens sauteed in butter and miso for breakfast), or based on a craving for something without the usual raw materials for making it. . . Sometimes, they are adaptations from recipes we’ve been meaning to try from favorite cookbooks.

Food is meant to be shared, especially good food.  But sometimes you find yourself alone in the kitchen, or sometimes your room mates think you’re weird for sprouting and fermenting so much of what you eat and thus do no partake, and sometimes the inventions are just “accidents” and not at all “delicious,” and then you are glad you are not sharing your food and that you are the only tester.  So sometimes sharing food digitally, post-testing, is the only or safest option. . . and you know, it’s still a great way of reaching out.  None of aforementioned culinary friends live in the area anymore, so an email with a recipe is also an excuse to catch up.  Ever since we began, I’ve wanted to open the exchange even wider.  I’m posting our recipes here, as well as my new inspirations, and I invite you, too, to please send me your “accidentally delicious” recipes.  This is, yes, another cooking blog, but hopefully it is a community and a dialogue as well.

Some notes on the recipes, at least those I submit: usually, I am cooking for one, and I eyeball amounts.  Also, I use what I have on hand.  Usually it is local and fresh, cuz that’s how I roll.  But if you do not have the same things on hand, substitute!  Propagate the accidents, and the deliciousness will come rolling on back to you!

You can submit your own concoctions to: accidentaldeliciousness@gmail.com.  I’ll format it and create a post out of it.  If you have pictures of your accident, send those along too!