Tofu Hath Returned. . .

by WheatberryDesign


I’ve been squatting with my parents this summer and “paying rent” by cooking dinner for them–de facto accidental deliciousness guinea pigs (luckily they’re not picky so my concoctions generally come out on the side of “delicious,” or at least closer to that end of the spectrum than disgusting.  They do, however, tend to steer clear of the kombucha, sauerkraut, pickles, and various sprouted things I have fermenting and growing on the kitchen counter).  Here’s one of the hits, excerpted from an email to AD friends, to give you a little context. . .

Alright, so here is a recipe for you–one of the parental experiments that went well.  I’ve just discovered sprouted tofu (tofu made out of sprouted soybeans), which makes it accessible to me again.  Which is good–I’m needing lots of protein these days. . . Just finished a “bi-athlon” involving a day of hiking, camping overnight, and then an attempt at biking home.  I mis-calculated how long the bike-ride would be, so at 100 miles and 30 miles still away from Portsmouth, Amanda came and rescued me.  Glad I did it, but man o man was it tough!  So very hot!  And now I can’t move. . . which I need to remedy soon so I can get back to marathon training!  Anyway, diversions. . .

Quinoa, tofu, and snap pea salad

My parent’s garden was resplendent with snap peas, so I threw this together one evening:

cooked quinoa (I used red because it’s what we had)
snap peas, lightly steamed
sprouted tofu
slivered almonds

lemon juice
olive oil
fresh garlic, crushed (or not fresh–but it’s fresh garlic season at the farmer’s market!  I’m sure Jericho has an ample supply, too : )
(lavender) salt and pepper
fresh chives

Cube the tofu and marinate it in the dressing for several hours.  Then mix all the ingredients together and top with almonds.  Perfect for a hot summer night when you don’t want to heat up the kitchen cooking!

Update: the above photo is from round two of making this meal, this time involving roasted beets instead of quinoa, with the addition of goat cheese.  Furthermore, lesson learned: sprouted tofu may be miracle food, but not miraculous enough to prevent torn ligaments when one attempts to return to running a mere 36 hours after dismounting from aforementioned 100-mile bike ride. . .