A photo!

At long last, I have a photo of the accidentally delicious dinner I made, and thus can officially begin this blog.  All of the food blogs I follow are resplendent with such luscious, consciously and lovingly taken photos of recipes and ingredients, it just didn’t feel right to start by digging into my archives of accidentally delicious recipes, of which I have fond memories but no photographs.  Mind you, this sad little picture was taken not with a camera, nay not even with an iphone, but with my 9-year old Samsung flip phone.  It has an antenna.  Remember those?  It is a true and trusted friend, and true and trusted friendships is what Accidental Deliciousness was built upon, and true and trusted recipes–and perhaps more friendships–are what I hope this blog produces.  So it all works out.

Why is this photo taken with my old phone?  Because I am house sitting, and upon packing to go house sitting, I thought “why would I ever need a camera while I’m in the middle of suburbia feeding cats?”  (I do NOT take photos of cats!  Ever.  I may be adding to the surfeit of food blogs and food pictures, but at least I am not contributing to the online database of cat photos.)  After filling my car to the brim just 24 hours earlier, riding on my rims with my studio and apartment in my ’95 Corolla, and shocking the customs guard with the sheer volume of stuff I had managed to stuff, I am temporarily over the schleping of things.  So, this post is born of necessity: a photo taken with what I had on hand, of a meal made using what was available in a kitchen not owned by a cook.  Yet a mighty delicious meal it was. . . (there was definitely some licking of utensils–generally a “pass” in the test of accidental deliciousness.)

Spaghetti Squash Frittata with Snap Peas, Tempeh, and Almond Sauce

For the sauce:

1/2 of one shallot

1 large clove garlic (mine was baby fresh garlic from the farmer’s market, but I’m sure any old garlic will do)

parsley (because I had it on hand and therefore feel compelled to use it in everything before it goes bad)

raw almond butter

soy sauce

1 ginger tea bag (I used Yogi, which is the best, I do believe.  This was the biggest adaptation from having limited ingredients on hand–I’m sure actual ginger would be just lovely)

Everything else:

tempeh (I used three grain because that’s all Trader Joe’s sells)

pre-cooked spaghetti squash

one egg, plus a splash of some sort of milk product

olive oil

snap peas (fresh from the garden–a week ago–so many I built this meal around them to use them up!)

salt and pepper

dried cranberries, if you’ve got them

Boil some water and steep your ginger tea–the longer the better, so do this first, or even earlier in the day.  Just a small cup will do, or your sauce will be watery.  Buzz the garlic and shallots in a blender (there’s a Vitamix at this house–I had way too much fun making this sauce).  Add the ginger tea, almond butter, soy sauce, and parsley, and blend until, well, blended.  Taste and adjust.  I found I had to gob in a good amount of almond butter to cut the sharpness of the shallots and garlic, and to ensure it wasn’t too watery.

In the meantime, heat some oil in a skillet over medium-low heat, cube up your tempeh, and toss it in there.  Stir occasionally until most sides are browned (I challenge you to evenly brown every side.)  Or, my favorite way of crisping tempeh, toss the cubes with some olive oil and put them on a tray under the broiler of your toaster oven.  No toaster oven here, and no way I’m turning on the real oven for a few cubes of tempeh.  Take the ends off the peas and steam them, just lightly–don’t take away their crisp!  If they’re super-fresh, just leave ’em raw.  After the tempeh is browned, remove it from the pan and set it aside.  Add the squash, dried cranberries, and a splash of water to the pan and heat until the squash is warmed.  Push the squash aside and melt some butter in the bottom of the pan.  Then flatten the squash out across the bottom of the pan; beat your egg with a little milk and salt and pepper, and pour it over the squash.  Cover and cook just until the egg is set–only a few minutes, if that!

If you are adept, or have a particularly good non-stick pan, slide the frittata in one lovely round onto a plate (or, glop and plop as I did).  Sprinkle the tempeh cubes and peas over the top, and then drizzle the sauce over everything.  Garnish with more parsley, if you are still trying to be rid of it (in a loving, appreciative way.  Parsley is wonderful, but why is it sold in such big bunches?).  Enjoy!

The best part of this meal?  Eating it on the back deck, and looking up from my utter enjoyment to a splendidly pink sunset.  Beautiful, but alas, another thing I do not take photos of, even on my dear flip phone.

Now, the question is, do I have to re-create every past Accidentally Delicious recipe in order to snap a pretty picture of it?  Or perhaps I will create some kind of archive. . . they are certainly worth sharing, these founding fathers and mothers of accident!

And please, share your own–build off this foundation!  Just email me at accidentaldeliciousness@gmail.com, and I’ll format and post your recipe.